Welcome Back!

I would like to welcome both students and parents back to Chisnallwood. It is fantastic to be back in the class and have our students about the school.
Though we have only 4 short weeks until our school holidays, we are going to be making the most of our learning time and focussing on getting back on track. We will have a large focus on Literacy and Mathematics. We will also be contiunuing on with our Social Studies topic.
Homework for the next few weeks will be gathering information for our New Zealand Assignment.
The school email sysyem is operational again. Remember my address is
For Parents: a notice/ questionaire went home with your child regarding your current situation post earthquake. Please ensure you get this and return it back to us as soon as possible. This information will provide us with what we need to best support your child and family.
Once again, it is great to see our community getting back on it's feet. If there is anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.
Aimee Best
Stationary List
2 x 1 E5 Maths
1 B4 Diary
1 A8 Poetry / Handwriting
2 x 1 B8 Social Studies
1 B8 Reading
1 B8 Homework
1 B8 Spelling / Word Study
2 x 1 B8 Written Language
1 B8 The Arts / Languages
1 B8 Science
1 B8 Health / PE
1 B8 Spare
2 x 3B1 Notebooks
40 page Black Clear file for Technology
Refill Pad
Document Wallet
1 Box of Tissues

Pens, pencils, coloured pencils, ruler (not a bendy one), rubber, compass, protractor, paint brush

We recommend children purchase a scientific calculator. This can be used in Year 8 and High School. Felt pens are to be used for frames only. Water colour pencils are able to be used. Students may wish to purchase a personal dictionary and / or a thesaurus that could also be used at High School.

Portfolios may be paid for at the school office.

The Daily Newspaper fee may also be paid at the office.

Students need their books covered and at school as soon as possible to ensure a smooth start to the year.

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